CASCADe has seven project partners based in Germany, the UK, Denmark, Cyprus and Belgium.


    The Institute for Information Technology OFFIS was founded in 1991 as a not-for-profit organisation by the State of Lower Saxony, the University of Oldenburg, as well as professors of the departments of computer science and related faculties. OFFIS is dedicated to technology transfer, and is organized in three R&D Division, focusing on IT in Transportation, Health and Energy, and has total turnover of more than 10 Million €. Participating in CASCADe will be the R&D Division on Transportation, which has a staff of about 50 full time scientists. The R&D Division on Transportation focuses its research on methods, tools, and technologies for the development of IT-based safety critical systems. OFFIS will coordinate the CASCADe project.

  • BMT Group Ltd

    BMT Group Ltd is an international design, engineering and risk management consultancy, working principally in the areas of defence, security, ports and logistics sectors, maritime transport, marine risk and insurance, energy and environment. BMT invests significantly in research. Its customers are served through a network of international subsidiary companies. BMT is Europe's leading independent centre of excellence in naval design and engineering. Our multi-disciplinary approach brings together expertise in human factors, systems engineering, ergonomics, applied psychology, visual science, physiology, organisational effectiveness, and environmental design.

  • University of Cardiff

    Cardiff University is the premier University of Wales and the School of Psychology has the highest research rating in the UK. Professor Andy Smith is director of the Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology (COHP) and has conducted extensive research on human factors in both onshore and offshore workers. The COHP conducted the Seafarers Fatigue Programme, a 5 year 3-phase study looking at the issue of fatigue onboard ship involving a broad range of methodologies from surveys to sleep measurement and onboard performance testing.

  • Marimatech AS

    MAR is a private owned Danish company formed in 1988, located in Hinnerup Denmark. Our main activities are R&D, services, consultancy, manufacturing and sales within the maritime industry worldwide. Innovation, technology and quality are important elements at MARIMATECH. Our innovative use of the latest technologies balancing state-of-the-art techniques and solid, well proven quality result in unique products and solutions for our customers. MARIMATECH’s crew of dedicated engineers have more than 25 years of solid experience in hydrographic, oceanographic and positioning systems. This knowledge, combined with an extensive experience in varied projects, has given MARIMATECH a unique position. MAR’s objective is to remain the world leader in this area, and for this reason we invest a large proportion of our turnover into research and development. It is our firm opinion that it is our own innovation and inventiveness that will solve future challenges, not the study of outdated systems of the past.

  • Mastermind Shipmanagement LTD

    The Mastermind Group was founded in 1999 by Captain Eugen-Henning Adami, who migrated from Germany to Cyprus in 1988 and became a Cypriot national in 2010. Principally a ship-owning company, Mastermind has expanded also into ship-management with the establishment of Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd. ™. MSM technically manages a fleet of more than 12 fully owned vessel s, which consist of dry bulk, break-bulk and multipurpose vessels. MSM prides itself in being very innovative and instrumental in developing its new ship designs with shipyards in Japan and China. The MSM vessels are initially developed by the company’s founder Capt. Eugen-Henning Adami and have found great attraction in the international ship-owing arena. The yards have eventually succeeded delivering more than 50 vessels from each of our designs to various ship-owners worldwide.

  • Raytheon Anschuetz

    Raytheon Anschütz GmbH is a subsidiary of Raytheon Company and a leading supplier of Integrated Bridge and Navigation Systems for all kinds of commercial vessels, specialized vessels, mega yachts, and naval ships. The company was founded in 1905 as Anschütz & Co in Kiel / Germany, when Dr. Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe invented the mechanical gyro compass. Anschütz initially became famous for the gyro compass, but also for high-precision autopilots and manual steering control systems for almost any requirements. Today all of the essential components for safe ship navigation – such as Radar, ECDIS, Autopilots, ECDIS, and specialized equipment - are developed, produced, and meticulously tested by the company. More than 30,000 vessels worldwide are equipped with Raytheon Anschütz navigation systems and are being served by a global network of own subsidiaries and 200 specialized service stations round the clock.

  • Symbio Concepts & Projects SPRL

    Symbio Concepts & Products ( is a Belgian SME. The company has been formally created in 2007 to reflect past cooperation and business relations between its three directors. It is specialized in Ergonomic and Human-Centered Design and has extensive expertise and experience in cognitive ergonomics, user interface design, console design and manufacture and control room design. Symbio has been awarded contracts with major European players such as Thales, Airbus, Eurocontrol, Belgocontrol, European Investment Bank (EIB), Arcelor-Mittal, or outside Europe (Petroleum Development Oman). Directly or through cooperation of its directors in the years prior to Symbio's formal creation.

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