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‘CASCADING the future!’ – Final Multiplier Event

21 Giugno, 2023 @ 10:30 (BST) - 15:00 (BST)

Join us for an exciting arts and craft summer event - CASCADING the Future! This in-person event is happening on Wed Jun 21 2023 10:30 AM (British Summer Time) at Morecambe Library (Central Drive, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 5DL). Join [...]

Sneak peek from our final multiplier event organised with the help of our amazing partners, Good Things Collective! We'd like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate the world of crafts and arts [...]

It has been a few days since our most recent transnational partner gathering, which was held in Lancaster, United Kingdom this time. We got the wonderful opportunity to meet familiar and new faces from [...]

We were thrilled to be able to attend our partner meeting in Virginia, Ireland to meet all the project partners in person and discuss the project's future targets. We'd like to express our appreciation to [...]

The Rural Hub in collaboration with Cavan Institute and Clones Art Studio organised a multiplier event to promote the benefits of intergenerational learning in the craft and artisan skills. The participants were staff and [...]

Our project partners, Znanie Association, will host our upcoming transnational gathering in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our meeting will centre on the educational resources we are developing for creative career pathways and circular economy strategies for the [...]

Transnational Partner Meeting – Lodz, Poland

10 Maggio, 2022 - 11 Maggio, 2022

We are hoping to travel to Lodz, Poland, for our next partner meeting, to be hosted by University of Lodz, Faculty of Management. We plan to have analysed our latest data from the sustainability [...]

''Competence development of micro enterprises. Artisanal enterprises in terms of innovation based on cooperation and digital business solutions'' The University of Lodz organised a multiplier event talking around the importance of digital learning on the [...]

Post-its and Ketso Workshop (England & Ireland)

1 Gennaio, 2022 @ 08:00 (GMT) - 17:00 (GMT)

We were delighted to be able to travel to our partner meeting in Pescara, Italy, to meet all the project partners in person and discuss the project plans moving forward. Whilst we were there, [...]

The latest workshop in Bulgaria took place at 17/10/2021 with focus on Innovations in artisan and craft business – importance and application.

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